How much are the boards?

Prices for the boards, plus postage and VAT:

  • 0 to 5 boards £25 each
  • 6 to 15 £20 each
  • Above 15 £17.50 each
Do the boards come with a guarantee?

Boards carry a 2-year guarantee

Are the boards recyclable?

Our boards are 100% recyclable

How many spot boards can you get in a standard rubble sack?

You can get 25 Spot boards in a standard rubble sack.

Are there real benefits in on-site productivity using your boards

Yes, 123 hours a year saved for the labourer as he is no longer doing the jobs associated with using traditional Spot boards!

What benefit is there to the bricklayer in using your boards?

Many benefits to the bricklayer, not least less turning over of the mortar since the mortar does not dry out on the boards.

Due to not mixing the mortar, there is less RSI for the bricklayers.

With the introduction of the Flexi Block Spot, the industry will soon, quite literally, be spotting a very different way of going about its business!